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    ALIGAL 1 N2 100% 11.0KG AIR LIQUIDE

    Brand: AIR LIQUIDE
    ALIGAL™ 1, the E941 Nitrogen (N2) gas solution used for food packaging. Nitrogen gas extends the shelf-life of dry and high oxidizing food products. For example: chocolate powder, cereals, muesli, granola, speculoos, dried fruits, tea, dried fish, dried vegetables, pasta, dry snacks, dry herbs, milk powder, chips, grains, rice, and more.
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    Properties of E941 Nitrogen gas, ALIGAL™ 1™ for food packaging

    • E941 gas standard 

    • Inert and Odorless gas

    • Little soluble in water and fats 

    • No direct bacteriological and fungistatic effects 

    • Prevents the oxidation phenomenon of pigments, aromas and / or fats 

    • Limits the development of aerobic bacteria 

    • Protects the products against crushing 


    ALIGAL™ 1™ Nitrogen gases comply with food safety regulations

    • European regulations on food additives 

    • Compliance with the HACCP system 

    • Guarantee of traceability. In accordance with European directives, Air Liquide has defined its commercial specifications of the feed gases above the required criteria. In order to meet the specific requirements of our customers, the ALIGAL™ 1™ Nitrogen gases are indeed produced, supplied and applied according to the international standards recognized in the food industry such as the ISO 22000 and the FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification)


    What are the benefits of E941 Nitrogen gas on dry food products?

    • Shelf-life of dry products is extended by 2 to 5 times with Nitrogen gas compared to the normal atmosphere packaging. Get opportunity to step into new markets, both national and international, thanks to this longer shelf life.

    • Limit the use of additives and preservatives and offer naturally fresh products in order to meet the wishes of the consumer thanks to nitrogen gas

    • E941 nitrogen gas preserves the color, shape, texture and keeps your dry food products looking very attractive. 

    • Protects against the risks of crushing the product and limiting the risks of contact with the packaging caused by vacuuming.

    • Nitrogen E941 gas helps assure proper food hygiene of your packaged products

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