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    ALIGAL 2 CO2 100% 24.0KG AIR LIQUIDE

    Brand: AIR LIQUIDE
    ALIGAL™ 2, the E290 carbon dioxide (CO2) gas solution of Air Liquide used for food packaging and beverage process. For beverage products CO2 is used in production of beer, sparkling water, soda, energy drinks and towards micro breweries and bars, restaurants for pressurization of beer kegs. In food packaging and storage for medium dry food, CO2 is used on medium dry product like pastry, bread, focaccia, pitta bread, dough, biscuits, chicken, cheese blocks, prawns, lean fish, fresh pasta, … and more.
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    Composed of pure carbon dioxide (CO2) gas, the ALIGAL™ 2 E290 gas solution is compliant with food regulations and with the following characteristics. 

    • CO2 solution right for carbonation of beverages (beer, water, soda,...) to make them sparkling. Used in bars for tap. 

    • Gas for deoxygenation, pressure transfer, purging, inerting, container pressurization, bottling and canning applications. 

    • Most important gas for food in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

    • CO2 is bacteriostatic and fungistatic from a certain level, very soluble in water and fats

    • CO2 slows down the growth and multiplication rate of the aerobic bacteria and of the fungi 

    • It provides a pseudo vacuum effect to tension the foil after packaging.

    • It’s effective at levels greater than 20% in the atmosphere 


    What are the benefits of E290 carbon dioxide gas for foods and beverages?

    • Extension of the shelf life of the products by 2 to 5 times with carbon dioxide gas compared to the normal atmosphere packaging. It gives producers the opportunity to step into new markets, both national and international, thanks to this longer shelf life.

    • The E290 carbon dioxide gas preserves the color, shape, texture and keeps your dry food products looking very attractive. 

    • Protection against the risks of crushing the product and limiting the risks of contact with the packaging caused by vacuuming.

    • Have the warranty to buy E290 nitrogen gas compliant with the latest food regulations 

    • It limits the use of additives and preservatives, and makes it possible to offer naturally fresh products in order to meet the wishes of the consumer.

    • CO2 makes beverage sprankling (beer, water, soda,...) carbonation for beverages, deoxygenation, pressure transfer, purging, inerting, container pressurization, bottling and canning applications. Used in bars for tap.


    ALIGAL™ 2 carbon dioxide CO2 gas complies with food safety regulations

    • European regulations on food additives

    • The HACCP system 

    • ISO 22000, certified with the FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification)

    • For carbonated drinks, CO2 ALIGAL™ 2 gas is certified with ISBT for carbon dioxide (CO2) Drink 2 (International Society of Beverage Technologists).

    Guarantee of traceability of the CO2 gas ALIGAL™ 2:

    In accordance with European directives, Air Liquide has defined its commercial specifications of the feed gases above the required criteria. In order to meet the specific requirements of our customers, the carbon dioxide (CO2) ALIGAL™ 2 gases are produced, supplied and applied according to the international standards recognized in the food industry. 


    Why choose ALIGAL™ 2 CO2 gas to package food in the MAP process?

    Food manufacturers have known and feared one of their biggest “enemies” for years: Air contains oxygen and promotes the development of bacteria and microbes and causes various damage to the foods: change of color, texture, taste, and has an impact on the shelf life. 

    To avoid these effects, we offer a solution: the packaging in a protective atmosphere (also called "gas packaging" or MAP)

    The solution is to replace the air in the packaging or storage with an alternative gas composition, which can extend the organoleptic properties, nutritional value and shelf life of the product. CO2 is therefore necessary in the gas composition for a longer shelf life of dry food products in a MAP process.

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