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    Brand: AIR LIQUIDE
    CARBON DIOXIDE DIP TUBE. Carbon dioxide (CO2) serves a variety of key applications across industries. In its solid state (-78°C), carbon dioxide – also known as dry ice – is a cold source that can be used as a cryogenic fluid for processes such as tissue conservation deep-freezing and fire extinction, as it is non-combustible. Carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere by chemical and oil and gas operations can be captured and purified for use in many industries and application. The function of dip tube is to deliver liquid carbon dioxide outside the bottle. If dip tube in not provided, CO2 evaporates from the surface while discharge taking latent heat of vaporization and remaining liquid CO2 will freeze inside and hence failure of CO2 discharge.
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    Food & drinks

    Carbonation of soft drinks, tapping of draft beer.
    Food cryogenics: cooling and freezing of certain foods . Transport under controlled temperature.
    Modified atmosphere packaging.

    Craftsmen, entrepeneurs


    Replacement of fluorinated fluids in refrigeration installations with CO 2  R-744 .
    Smoke effects for events
    Arc welding (TIG, MIG and MAG)

    Anti-scale treatment for individuals

    Environment and water treatment

    Control and regulation of the pH of wastewater, regulation of the pH of swimming pools
    Remineralisation of drinking water

    Research and analysis

    Supercritical phase chromatography

    Mechanical / metal construction

    Protection of welds against oxidation (ARCAL™)


    Safety: Dry ice for fire extinguishers

    Environment: mosquito control

    Residential construction: anti-limestone treatment



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