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    Brand: MIRKA
    The flexible board is adjustable for any concave or convex shapes. The board has yellow dot marks that indicate the straight shape and red dot marks indicating the maximum shape and the handle enables a flexible and ergonomic grip. The low profile and the durable construction give a very good control over the sanding process. The performance is excellent in combination with Mirka® Net stripes. Mirka® Hand Sanding Blocks are specially designed for sanding by hand in combination with Mirka’s revolutionary net-sanding products, although they can also be used with other grip abrasives. To ensure dust-free sanding the hand sanding block simply needs to be connected by hose to a dust extraction system.
    SKU: A10MIRKA00014
    Availability: Available To Buy

    Technical Specifications

    Width (mm): 70
    Product class: Hand sanding block
    Accessory attachment: Grip
    Firmness: Medium
    Hole configuration: 53
    Model name: File Board
    Length (mm): 400


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