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    Brand: AIR LIQUIDE
    FORMING GAS. Also known as purging gas. It is mainly used for back purging of pipe work strip clampers and vessel work, there TIG and Automatic welding are employed. To be used on austenitic stainless only.
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    FORMING GAS is a compressed colorless and odorless gas mixture that is highly flammable at high temperatures and suffocating in high concentrations.


    How does purge gas work?

    Purging refers to the introduction of an inert (i.e. non-combustible) purge gas into a closed system (e.g. a container or a process vessel) to prevent the formation of an ignitable atmosphere.

    Carefully controlled purging of air from pipelines by direct displacement with natural gas has been safely practised for many years.

    A perfect purge is one in which the replacement of gas or air by a purge gas is effected entirely by displacement and only one volume of purge gas is needed.


    Use of Purge Gas in welding

    When welding stainless steel, titanium and other corrosion-resistant materials, creating a perfect weld environment is of the utmost importance, because the desired corrosion resistance depends on it. During welding, the heated weld seam is exposed to air and oxidizes if it is not protected. This oxidation must either be prevented or treated later. Successful welding depends in part on a combination of proper purging equipment and techniques.



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