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    MMA ELECTRODE E7018-1 H4R 3.2x350MM ESAB OK 55.00

    Brand: ESAB
    An exceptional, all-position, low hydrogen basic electrode, particularly suitable for critical applications requiring exceptional impacts at low temperatures. This electrode provides a smooth, stable arc with very low spatter.
    SKU: N15ESAB/00076
    Availability: Available To Buy

    -Excellent arc starting is enhanced by a special graphite tip on the electrode. The complete slag coverage provides easy removal and minimal post weld cleanup.
    -OK 55.00 is intended for a wide variety of carbon, low alloy, and hardenable steels.
    -The weld metal is also very resistant to hot cracking.
    -OK 55.00 meets the requirements of 4 mL (average) diffusible hydrogen content in 100 g of deposited weld metal.
    -AC, DC+ polarity.
    -True 100% hermetically sealed package.
    -Low moisture absorption (LMA) - safe welding after opening up to 12 hours.
    -No re-baking, No holding ovens, no quivers.
    -Mechanical Properties: As Welded - Yield Strength: 70 ksi, 482 Mpa, Tensile Strength: 86 ksi, 592 Mpa, Reduction in Area: 71%, Elongation in 2": 28%.


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