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    MMA ELECTRODE E7024 4.0x450MM ESAB FEMAX 33.80

    Brand: ESAB
    High-recovery rutile electrode for high productivity welding of fillets in the horizontal-vertical position. Particularly suitable for welding thick plates and for long run-out lengths.
    SKU: N15ESAB/01384
    Availability: Available To Buy

    -Good bead appearance.
    -Easy slag removal.
    -Rutile Type High Iron Powder Electrode.
    -High Productivity Fillet and Butt Welding in all down-hand positions.
    -Self-releasing slag

    Slag lift and “side wall” wash at weld toes are superb and welding speeds are approximately double those of conventional electrodes of
    equal size and length.

    OK Femax 33.80 is recommended for high production welding where large standing fillet welds are required. It is the ideal electrode for heavy structural welding applications such as tanks, frames, girders and beams, ship structures and rolling stock and general fabrication in the workshop or on-site.


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