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    Brand: ESAB
    Esab welding torch nozzle PSF 315/305/410W. Nickel-plated threaded nozzle with splash protection. Advantages: The threaded nozzle is always in the same position, there is no way to slip, extended nozzle life due to nickel plating and optimal nozzle wall thickness.
    SKU: O15ESAB/00023
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    Gas nozzle dimensions:

    -Nozzle diameter: 16 mm.
    -Sap length: 80 mm.
    -Esab part number: 0458 464 882
    -Esab Name: Gas nozzle std. PSF 305/410w
    -Purpose: Parts for MIG-MAG welding torches of the PSF 3015, 305, PSF 410w and MXH 300 PP families.


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