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    ABICOR BINZEL is a German company founded in 1945, specialising in high quality welding tools and systems.

    ABICOR BINZEL focus on research and innovation at a high industry level to provide customers with the most advanced tools and systems for any welding or cutting requirements. Their most popular manual products include MIG/MAG Torches, TIG Welding Torches, Plasma Cutting Torches and Plasma Welding Torches with variations for every product to suit clients’ needs. Additionally, the company supplies Fume Extraction Systems and a range of accessories for the complete wielding job.

    With their advanced robotic research, ABICOR BINZEL also supply automated robotic systems including Robot Welding Torches, Robot Periphery, Sensors and Lasers. Developed in cooperation with leading vehicle manufacturers the company also boasts a high performance and functionality, wire feeder system for laser soldering and welding applications. The system’s software allows for user-friendly control and monitoring of each job. The system allows for integration with the clients existing PC system to remotely and securely control and edit up to 64 different jobs.

    Their company website also includes handy spare parts, safety data sheets and instruction leaflets as well as product support for existing clients.

    ABICOR BINZEL products have been used in the automotive, general and heavy fabrication, shipyards and offshore, energy and structural industries to achieve precise and effective results.

    Customer satisfaction and product quality is the centre of the ABICOR BINZEL’s philosophy. To achieve this the company employees creative and forward thinking personnel and collaborate with institutions and universities to design their products. To support the industry, the ABICOR prize for innovation technology was created in 1995. This initiative promotes the permanent progress of research and development work in the field of arc welding and cutting technology.