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    AirCraft is a well-established brand in South Africa specialising in pneumatic systems and air tools.

    The range extensively covers pneumatic solutions and air tools offering a complete comprehensive collection.  An assortment of Airbrushes, Spray guns, Kits, Wrenches, saws, drills, grinders, cutters, nailers, Needle Scalers, Riveters, Sanders, Staplers, Tyre Buffers, Compressors and a vast range of accessories

    The AirCraft brand has been around for many years and has built itself a reputation in the country as leading product in in field of pneumatic systems and air tools, locally supported by South Africa’s No. #1 Power Tool Accessory Supplier, Vermont Sales.

    “The AirCraft brand is especially well known among airbrush artists and air tool end-users. For the excellent service backup ensuring peace of mind to all retailers and customers. “said Ryan Hunt, Sales Director Vermont Sales. The range extensively covers pneumatic solutions offering a complete solution to the market and the work place. What really works for this brand is our comprehensive range, our service, countrywide dealer network, a great selection of accessories and available parts and lastly our free Air Tool Training course for all our customers, Air Supply in The Workshop, which covers all you need to know about the products, setting up, features,  pneumatic systems and air tools,” said Hunt.

    So, whether you are an artist or owning a factory, AirCraft can provide a suitable solution ranging from Hoses, fittings, compressors to the actual tools at the end.