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    Food Grade Gas Mixture

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    ALIGAL 1 N2 100% 11.0KG AIR LIQUIDE

    ALIGAL™ 1, the E941 Nitrogen (N2) gas solution used for food packaging. Nitrogen gas extends the shelf-life of dry and high oxidizing food products. For example: chocolate powder, cereals, muesli, granola, speculoos, dried fruits, tea, dried fish, dried vegetables, pasta, dry snacks, dry herbs, milk powder, chips, grains, rice, and more.

    ALIGAL 12 N2 CO2 20% 13.75KG AIR LIQUIDE

    ALIGAL™ 12, the gas mixture of 80% Nitrogen and 20% CO2 solution used for food packaging. A gas mixture composed of 80% N2 and 20% CO2 brings a longer shelf life on dry-fatty food products in modified gas packaging (MAP). For example: prepared meals with meat, smoked meat or fish, fresh goat cheese, noodles, pasta…

    ALIGAL 16 N2 CO2 60% 4.71KG AIR LIQUIDE

    ALIGAL 16 N2 CO2 60% 4.71KG AIR LIQUIDE

    ALIGAL 2 CO2 100% 24.0KG AIR LIQUIDE

    ALIGAL™ 2, the E290 carbon dioxide (CO2) gas solution of Air Liquide used for food packaging and beverage process. For beverage products CO2 is used in production of beer, sparkling water, soda, energy drinks and towards micro breweries and bars, restaurants for pressurization of beer kegs. In food packaging and storage for medium dry food, CO2 is used on medium dry product like pastry, bread, focaccia, pitta bread, dough, biscuits, chicken, cheese blocks, prawns, lean fish, fresh pasta, … and more.

    ALIGAL 49 O2 CO2 25% N2 9% 17.37KG AIR LIQUIDE

    ALIGAL™ 49 (Oxygen E948 / CO2 E290 / Nitrogen E941) is our solution used for food packaging of fresh red meat. In food preservation processes we try to eliminate Oxygen, which is harmful because it favors the development of aerobic microorganisms but also the degradation of lipids and pigments or other vitamins by oxidation. However, it can be used for some important applications: Maintaining the red color of fresh meat.

    ALIGAL 59 N2 C2H4 5% 11.26KG AIR LIQUIDE

    ALIGAL 59 N2 C2H4 5% 11.26KG AIR LIQUIDE

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