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    The name “Kendo” comes from the dining table…

    The KENDO name came out of a liquid filled dinner back in 2008,  when sitting together in the bar, friends were being asked by Mr. Min to give suggestions for a BRAND NAME to use, Marty Luboviski , the president of PEC Tools USA raised one topic, “A good tool can do the job, how about Can Do?”, Kendo BRAND was created and by now the registered worldwide.

    KENDO - Can Do!

    The KENDO category of tools is the result of 9 years research into what tool users require.

    The users required more comfort, superior work performance and better looking tools with a competitive price.

    We believe that KENDO tools will solve the problems the users had.

    KENDO is still a new brand which will strive to be at the centre of all new developments in the tool market.

    KENDO, yes I can do it!