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    Parker Torchology is shaped by people with vision, a passion for improvement and a belief in delivering the very best Welding and Cutting Torch Range in the World.

    We expect a great deal from our products, so we ask a lot of ourselves and our engineers.

    Slogan: Innovation, Technology, Performance.

    At Parker Torchology we do things differently, we strive to solve your problems with the perfect product to suit your needs. We create smart product features encased in a cutting-edge design to ensure you always have the best tools to hand.

    Our customers and business partners play a vital role in our development. With the core aim to strive together, we work with end users, distributors and academic institutions.
    As a result we share fundamental values in order to succeed in our respective market places, supporting economic growth and collaborative opportunities with others.

    Technology doesn’t stand still, which is why we are constantly innovating to bring you the best products on the market.

    Our strong vision and focused innovation strategy, not to mention our passion to revolutionize the industry, ensure that Parker Torchology is known for excellence.