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    Rentals & Financing

    With a wide range of equipment available, AWT Solutions will give you competitive hire, rental rates, and financing options on new and used machinery, tools and any other equipment required to complete your project.

    How can we help?

    •          Our rental options are tailored to your specific needs. We will assist with short or long term rentals.
    •          Our rentals are suited to your specific project needs and time frame.
    •          Repair of your machine and rental of a new machine to complete your project.
    •          Financing options available on new and used machinery.
    •          Asset and equipment rental finance available 

    Why Rent?

    Renting not only solves a short-term need, but also allows you to trial a machine before making the decision to purchase. Renting is a low risk, cost effective and minimal maintenance solution. An added benefit of renting also means you have the option of renting to own.

    Why Finance?

    Equipment financing provides your business with the funds to purchase or rent the equipment you need to complete your project or for your business to operate and grow.

    AWT Solutions will assist with a finance option that is tailored to your business model, strategies, and vision.

    Available Options:

    Equipment Rental

    Equipment Rental is a contractual agreement whereby the use of equipment is rented for a specified period in exchange for periodic payments. 

    Hire to Purchase

    Hire purchase is a method to buy assets by paying in instalments over time. Once all the instalments have been paid, you legally own the item.

    Asset Financing

    Asset Financing is a practice whereby a company may use their assets (investments or inventory) as security to borrow or loan against their existing assets. 

    To enquire about our rentals and financing options, please send us a quote request.

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