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    Total Solutions Proposal

    AWT Solutions provides comprehensive product offering aligned with its industry leaders. With a variety of available specialised services under one roof, we are your end-to-end solution for any project relating, but not limited to, the metal industry.

    Why a Total Solutions Proposal?

    Our extensive experience and expertise together with a variety of specialized services, enable us to assist you with a customized product offering meeting all your project requirements. A simplified solution is what we do best. Our offering allows you to manage all accounts, financing options, equipment needs, procurement, imports, rentals, and training and technical advice in one place. This offering affords you the opportunity to try and test different products giving you access to a wide variety of top brands. Together with our specialised services and customized product offerings, AWT Solutions endeavours to make any project seamless. 

    The result, a Total Solutions Proposal tailored to your specific requirements on an offering that suits your budget.

    Our Specialised Services:

    Consignment Stock

    A supply chain model enabling you to hold inventory while managing your budget.

    Rentals and Financing

    Rental and Financing options tailored to your specific business scope, project requirements and budget.

    Training and Technical Advice

    A tailored service to your specific business scope and project requirements.


    Your one stop shop for all rebuilds, repairs and maintenance requirements for your equipment. 

    Retail Product Categories Available:

    •          Industrial Gas & LPG
    •          Welding Equipment
    •          Welding Torches
    •          Abrasives
    •          Safety Equipment
    •          Power Tools
    •          Chemicals
    •          Oxy Fuel Equipment
    •          Plasma Cutting
    •          Electrical
    •          Hydraulic Equipment
    •          Pneumatic Equipment
    •          Engineering Equipment
    •          Outdoor Gas Equipment
    •          Hardware

    Talk to us about all your project needs and we will assist you with a tailored total solutions proposal to ensure a successful project.

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