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    ALIGAL 49 O2 CO2 25% N2 9% 17.37KG AIR LIQUIDE

    Brand: AIR LIQUIDE
    ALIGAL™ 49 (Oxygen E948 / CO2 E290 / Nitrogen E941) is our solution used for food packaging of fresh red meat. In food preservation processes we try to eliminate Oxygen, which is harmful because it favors the development of aerobic microorganisms but also the degradation of lipids and pigments or other vitamins by oxidation. However, it can be used for some important applications: Maintaining the red color of fresh meat.
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    ALIGAL™ 49 composed of Oxygen E948 66% / CO2 E290 25% / Nitrogen E941 9% complies with food regulations and has the following characteristics.

    • Maintains the red color of beef, horse, goat and sheep red meat

    • Maintains the red color of the meat of some fish such as: tuna, swordfish, etc


    ALIGAL ™ 49 Oxygen complies with current food safety regulations

    • ALIGAL ™ 49 is part of Air Liquide's ALIGAL ™ range of gases dedicated to the food and beverage industry. It complies with the European food additive specifications.

    • The production, storage and distribution of the product comply with the Air Liquide food safety management system which includes:

      • the application of HACCP standards,

      • the traceability of the lots which allows to identify the delivered products in case of product recalls from the market.

    • The Air Liquide quality system meets international standards recognized in the food industry such as ISO 22000


    What are the advantages of ALIGAL™ 49 compared to food products?

    • The specific composition of the ALIGAL™ 49 blend allows the perfect preservation of the red color of fresh meat ensuring an optimal shelf life.



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