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    Brand: ESAB
    The non copper coated OK AristoRod 12.50 is a manganese-silicon alloyed solid wire for GMAW of unalloyed steels, such as general structural, pressure vessel, ship building and for fine-grained carbon-manganese steels for the same purpose with a minimum yield strength of max 420 MPa. The electrode can be welded with either a gas mixture or with pure CO2 as the shielding gas. The AristoRod wires are suitable for operating at high currents with maintained disturbance free wire feeding giving a stable arc with a low amount of spatter. OK AristoRod 12.50 delivered in the unique Esab Octagonal Marathon Pac is excellent in mechanised welding applications.
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    EN ISO 14341-A: G3Si1
    AWS A5.18: ER70S-6

    Features and uses

    Solid, unalloyed, uncoppered , precision wound MAG welding wire with a yield strength of up to 470 MPa (depending on shielding gas). Universally applicable for the production of steel structures, pressure vessels, transport equipment, etc. Excellent feeding properties allow the use of wire for high-speed welding using the SAT method.

    Basic materials

    The wire is suitable for ordinary non-alloy structural steels with a tensile strength of up to 530 MPa and for fine-grained steels with a yield strength of up to 420 MPa - e.g. P235/S235 to P420/S420 and others.

    Shielding gas (ISO 14175)

    -C1 - CO 2 100%
    -M21 - mixture (Ar + 18% CO 2)

    Welding current
    DC (+)

    Wire diameter
    1.2 mm

    Coil Weight
    18 kg

    Coil Diameter
    300 mm

    Coil on pallet
    56 pcs


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